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Data Center, Infrastructure, Fiber

Design, Application Service

Design, Application Service

Feasibility Works and Budget Calculations

Data center budget calculation planning design criterias, are constituted by applying two main items of information systems technology infrastructure and support systems infrastructure to it.

Data Center Accessibility and Risk Analysis

Extensive Evaluation in order to determine sufficiency of existing support systems infrastructure

Detection of existing power requirements

Detection of critical points and potential system break risks

Expert suggestions for recovery

General evaluation of plant

Detection of capacity borders

Simultaneous maintenance probability evaluation

Power and Cooling Systems Analysis

Thanks to power analysis, design of electrical systems infrastructure is provided well. At that point, analysis should cover the summation of existing system powers and future based development plans.

Data Center Project Responsible Presentation

At your office, building a data center might be necessity in the near future or, your agenda item is to move your existing systems and data center, and you are responsible for it.

We constitute ‘Management Presentation’ of that kind projects, also if it is necessary, we take the task that includes presentation to jury, with you.

Planning Works

Technology pace affected structure industry as in most fields. Today’s technical plants are not formed of only four walls, ventilation , sanitory and electrical installments.

Technical plants harbor items such as; 7x24 refilling systems which is added to them, power supplies with refilling, environment watching and management systems ,building control and management systems , datas for miles and miles and communication cables.

Building these kind of plants truly at right time, require expertness, organization and team work together.

Place Selection

Data center place and localization should be designed in the first phase of the project ,at architecture design phase, and again, it should be implemented by the expert of the subject.

System Endurance and Disaster Recovery

System endurance is the key of success in the field of business, accordingly it should not be under Data Processing Department’s charge.

What are the requirements of your business endurance and disaster recovery? What are critical business and informatics proceedings, and how do you create ‘Endurance Program’ by binding them together ? How do you begin this?