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Software and Cyber Security

Software and Cyber Security

Software and Cyber Security

One more  problem we face is cyber attacks with developing technology. In an increasingly cyber-threat environment, conventional protection techniques are unfortunately inadequate.

New generation unauthorized access applications and ransomware, encountered with a new one every day, bring material and moral losses especially for large institutions.

 As BVR Bilişim, in order to prevent this situation, we are offering support with cyber security software solutions that provides facility for full prevention of system computers, predetection and blocking of malwares.

With our security software and hardware, we professionally perform protection factors such as; threat identification, impact analysis, data leakage prevention, and  removal of unauthorized access to your systems.

These solutions that are not ordinary security software or antivirus program, do some kind of suspicious behavior analysis by taking advantage of artificial intelligence.

When a software unexpectedly interfere with system files ,or when a downloaded program acts to encrypt your system files, it controls all of these activities.

Since it detects malicious behaviors and gives the chance to eliminate potential problems instantly, it creates a strong shield against ransomware that affects world and causes great losses such as; Crypto Locker , Wanna Cry or Petya.

Besides of  cyber security solutions we offer, thanks to the cyber security trainings we provide to institutions, we ensure that the security risks that may arise are prevented in advance and we are sharing the necessary information to learn what they can do in case of a threat.

            Thus, in the case of an attack, the institution is saved with the least loss.