About Us

About Us

As BVR Bilişim, to provide EMR measurement services in order to report and measure electromagnetic radiation (EMR) on all GSM, TV FM frequency bands that BTK has demanded, to prepare the revised files of GSM, TV FM stations which are founded and scanned, also, to ensure our dear customers safety. In addition to all services we provided , our company provides Software, Cyber Security, infrastructure, fiber , RF fiber backup and data center services.

As of today, whatever happens, demand, thought, aim and effort for reaching quality and healthy life are increasing with growing curve  day by day.

As a result of these actions, our life style and our thoughts become different. Profusion or exiguousness were considered  at houses, schools, living space, cafes and similar places, not only in terms of area ,view and height but also radiation rate ,the attraction of electromagnetic area force and similar to these factors that affects  lives of people  in a bad way and people are aware of .

These may have one goal , that is the bad effects of factors such as; electromagnetic radiation and venereal factors. Of course since these effects do not occur suddenly, they are ignored by some of people. In line with these requirements, It is needed to have firms that are in the field of measurement as us.